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The Marriage Ultimatum #6

Read all the juicy episodes of The Marriage Ultimatum here ♥   What had he been thinking acting like a passion-dim-witted fool? That was the question that had preoccupied Dominic’s mind all night—well, all night after he’d calmed down long enough to start using his head again. He had wanted her, and why not? He was a man and she was quite a beautiful woman. But he hadn’t been thinking. That he knew. For if he had been, he’d have remembered that she was not exactly his type of woman. He’d have remembered she’d obviously been his brother’s type enough for them to make a baby together, and he’d have remembered that their marriage had been an impromptu act of convenience, no feelings involved. If he had been thinking he’d have remembered all that and he’d have squashed his lustful emotions, not yielded to them. He’d have had the good…