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The Marriage Ultimatum #4

Dominic was shocked at the smack. He couldn’t remember the last time anyone dared to slap him, not even a woman. In fact, the only woman who’d ever hit him was his mother and that had been many years ago now. “I will advise that you never repeat that, Miss Nwaolisa.” He warned in a steely voice, not bothering to rub the faint sting. But she only set her jaw and stared impenitently back at him. “Now, as I was saying, a—” “Don’t you dare continue with that nonsense you were talking about!” Kaine cut him off. “How dare you think you can buy a baby? My God, what kind of a person suggests such an unspeakable thing?” She jiggled her arm and patted the back of the baby since he seemed to be fretting in her arms. “You think I’m going to sell… my baby to you?” “I believe…

Love, Your Enemy #9

Can two walk together except they agree? -Amos 3 The service ran as Adonijah projected, anchored by Adindu. Adonijah kept his eyes on the major players through the course of the proceedings. They were all so lost in the service that none of them noticed when Phoebe slipped into the building during the worship session. She sat with the choir but hid at the back row, remaining there until the choir was called to minister. Adonijah’s smiled to himself, adjusting his sitting position for the shockwaves that were about to pass over all concerned. “Today, we have a special minister in the house,” the choirmaster announced as the choristers prepped for their ministration. “I was once privileged to work under her some twenty-something years ago. Anointed woman of God, I tell you. When she came to me a little over a week ago and gave me the good news that…

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