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Where To Find Breasts #34

Read previous episodes of Where To Find Breasts This episode of Where To Find Breasts is dedicated to Oluwakemi Obilade. Happy birthday in arrears! Kyenpia was up before Leonel. He would usually stir at exactly 4:30 a.m. each morning, and she, an hour later. But she hadn’t had a good sleep in three days. Somewhere in Boston, Ishi lay on a hospital bed in an intensive care unit. It didn’t feel right to her that he was there; he had been through so much already. His surgery had gone well but recovery was slow. This drove Kyenpia crazy, and it showed. Her body was terrible at keeping secrets. First, it was the rapid weight loss, then the anxiety attacks that she tried to hide, and now the sleeplessness. Leonel was beginning to ask questions. This was in addition to the passive-aggressiveness he had displayed for five days. “Do we need…

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