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Biyankavitch #14

Lanre was angry. Justifiably so. I had defied his orders not to go solo by hunting down Shiloh’s men and finishing them off in a three-day job. It wasn’t that I was being directly stubborn; it was that I followed my gut instinct. And it wanted blood, so I did what it asked me to do. “What’s the point bringing my friends together to help you when you just want to do things on your own?” Lanre’s voice was quiet. His anger was presented only in his eyes. “Lanre, you know the plan.” “There was no definitive plan. Just a floating idea, a suggestion I threw into the air.” “You said, ‘it would be nice to clear her crew’ and I did just that. I also baited her.” “And where is she now?” “She’ll come to me.” “How do you know that?” “She will come, Dada. I know.” “You only…

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