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Where To Find Breasts #9

Read the previous episodes of Where To Find Breasts Yenkat woke up the following morning, feeling different. Firstly, she found herself lying on her side, which was not her default sleeping position. Secondly, her head felt like it belonged to someone else. Thirdly, Clarence was situated by her bedside, staring curiously at her. She smacked her lips. They felt dry. “Water?” he asked. She looked at him. She was neither used to his voice nor presence, but she owed him gratitude. He had been in her house last night, as she vaguely recalled. She suspected that Kyenpia had sent him to her. “Here.” He handed her a bottle of water with a straw in it. She took it and put the straw between her lips. She drank noisily, darting her eyes away from him. “You want more?” he asked after she was done. “No. Thanks.” Yenkat made to sit up,…