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Boys With Toys #9

Happy Valentine’s Day, people! And happy birthday, KKN. Have fun reading this Valentine episode. Unfortunately, I would be absent for a while. Guest posts will continue. So enjoy and please, share this across social media. It’s just once click and it’s done. and yes, talk to me about it in the comment section. Make love and not war! Thanks. Read Previous Episodes and Episode Eight Bankole was beginning to hate his boss, Mr. Duro. The man was a taskmaster and particularly had it in for him. He often loaded him with work that wasn’t under his area of specification and didn’t understand the use of an email to pass messages. He would either call him or ask to see him to get information or results over projects in person. This particular afternoon, he wanted to see photo concepts for their March magazine issue which he ordered Bankole to work…

Boys With Toys #8

Previous Episodes “Erm…I don’t know if I should invite you for my party or not.” Madu stood before Guru’s desk, waving a black party invitation card before his face. “Considering what you did to me…” he continued, “you don’t deserve to be invited. It’s a party for hotshots and unfortunately, you aren’t one.” He struck Guru’s nose with the card. “You’re just Guru…” He dropped the card on the desk. “But that’s cool.” Guru stared at the card and looked up to find Madu’s fist extended genially to him. He let out his own fist and bumped it. “Yeah, that’s how we roll. Bros over hoes.” Guru looked confused. “What hoes?” “Just saying…” He walked to the door and turned. “Keep your head above water.” He made a gun with his fingers and pointed it at Guru before leaving the office. When the door shut, Guru’s eyes settled on the…