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The Immortals’ Code #8

Read Previous Episodes Of  The Immortals’ Code “Sorry, I had to do this, Hamza,” Lanre said, going behind Hamza to untie him from the chair that had held him captive for nine hours. “It was necessary.” Hamza was silent. He didn’t really have anything to say to Lanre. So much had ensued in the past forty-eight hours that his brain was still reeling from the shock of information and happenings that he didn’t have the staying power to voice out what was on his mind. He massaged his sore wrists and wiggled his feet to restore the flow of blood as Lanre stood before him again. “I had to do a serious background check on you to find out relevant information that would help in my investigations. First I needed to know if you were sent by someone.” “I was not,” Hamza said in his defense. “Second, I needed to…