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If you missed episode 1 of this season of Little Black Book, click here >>>> to see it. For those of you that have caught up, let’s move on to episode 2, which takes us deeper into the story. I won’t be giving you spoilers, though. Just bits here and there. Tade, in typical fashion, goes snooping into Leo’s apartment and finds out more details about his mental struggles, after his father, Captain, told her that he was suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Little Black Book Season 2, Episode 1 In this episode, we also have Moshood (Jude Chukwuka) as a pesky insurance claims investigator who shows up to investigate the fire that claimed the old hotel. He seems like the troublesome time who drops a comment about Tade (Teniola Aladese) knowing “where the dead bodies are buried.” Moshood Then, we have Jaiye (Paul Utomi) who is Leo’s cousin and…

The Scratch On Your Shoulder #3

Read previous episodes of The Scratch on Your Shoulder It felt like he was going on a date with her for the first time. He was nervous, and he must have taken more than a thousand steps in his living room as he walked in circles, rehearsing the words he would say to her. “Why are you talking to yourself?” He stopped moving, just realizing that his six-year-old granddaughter was in the room with him. She was seated on the floor, legs crossed, elbows resting on her knees as round eyes stared up at him in curiosity. She was Fajr’s daughter. Fajr had become his favorite child after his marriage to Hadiza crashed, for the reason that she had been the most hit by the divorce and had chosen to stay with and comfort him. Basim, and the lastborn, Hajara, had not cared as much as Fajr did. Fajr had…