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Novocaine Knights #1

DOMINIC/ EYIMOFE He proposed on the third date. An unceremonious proposal. There was nothing romantic in the way he did it, though the environment they were in had the mood set for amorousness and that sort of thing. It was an exotic restaurant at a private beach. Their table was positioned so close to the ocean they could hear the sounds of splashing waves. A mild but consistent breeze always came and went and at each occasion it played with her hair, slapping the strands across her face and leaving her to struggle with putting it all back in place. She wasn’t really stunning but her face was comely, the type any man would find comfortable in a wife. And that was one of the many reasons he proposed. She was perfect for him. He knew her story too well but she didn’t know him. She was a woman who…

It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #13

Keep up with It’s Another Novocaine Saturday here He is never this quiet. Not even on days when he goes on a hyper mode and has to medicate himself to calmness. Wura worries about his state of mind. He is seated on the steps that lead out to the backyard from the backdoor of his kitchen, smoking cigarettes. He has had one too many for the day and it bothers her. Watching him as a mother would her newborn, she is just coming to realize that the responsibility of protecting him is now all on her. His mother passed away on Sunday night and was buried not long after. Mahmud had received the shocking news without showing any form of reaction. He traveled home to Sokoto the next day and returned on Wednesday and since then he hasn’t been the same. Wura has been unable to reach him and she…

It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #2

Good evening, I’m so sorry for the missed episode of The Immortals’ Code. I was too lazy to do a last minute edit. Please, don’t be mad. Read the first episode of It’s Another Novocaine Saturday It is Noka who first notices the ring on my finger barely seconds after I let them into the house. She has an eye for glittery things, a look of greed I’ve come to accept as part of her nature. And it’s not just the look. It’s her entire person. She is of a covetous kind. It was for this reason she got pregnant for Ibro and became his wife and is now in a loveless marriage. One would expect that she would have learned after all this time but she gets worse by the day. She clutches my hand and gasps. “Honey! This is so sexy!” I smile at her. I think…

Justin Bieber’s Purpose Understands How You Feel

Justin Bieber is making a belieber out of me. Like him or not, he outdid himself in Purpose. I am still digesting the album bit by bit.  When I came across this piece by my friend, Steve, I just had to share. I’m not going through a heartbreak though but good music is like good literature. It takes you into its world and places you right where it wants you to be. Here’s Steve’s story: While recovering from a terrible heartbreak, I was opportune to cop Justin Bieber’s Purpose — his fourth studio album. Normally, I am not the mushy love type of guy. But after I came across this older, intelligent, understanding, loving girl that was risking so much to be with me, I decided to lower my guard and probably give love a chance. It ended with a sad break up that was so complicated that I can not even give…

Seun Odukoya Presents: Saving Dapo Soundtrack

Morning! You guys remember Seun Odukoya’s Saving Dapo series I shared on my other blog? Well, today I’m bringing you a very beautiful soundtrack titled Can’t Take It, made for that series which is a novel, by the way. It would be released at the end of the year. Can’t wait to buy it. But right now, you can listen to the song and or download it. It features Nanya, Sallam & GQ and describes the crazy relationship between the main characters of the story, Dapo and Yemisi. To Download, Can’t Take It, Click Here

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