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Family Secrets (Finale) By Kycee Q

Four weeks ago It was already 10:13am by the time Rhoda arrived at the Megacare Hospital in Asaba. Finding her way to her mother-in-law’s hospital room had proved somewhat difficult because there was no one at the reception to point her to the right direction and she wanted to be home before Odafe returned from work. It had taken her almost an hour via flight to get from Lagos to Asaba, about fifteen minutes to find a cab to the hospital and then there was this bloody traffic on the highway, she cursed as she stopped once again to read the directions to the emergency ward. I have to be home before 7:00pm, she insisted increasing her strides down the hall. Frankly, she was scared and extremely anxious about her meeting with her mother-in-law. When she had received the message insisting she came for the visit without her husband, several demeaning thoughts…