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Naija Heels On Cobbled Streets #10 By Olajumoke Omisore

Sade slipped into the shopping centre, her bag in one hand and the other hand pressing her phone to her ear. She knew her smile was too wide but Peju happened to be on the other end and the lady was as vocal as usual. “Why didn’t you tell me he was here?” Peju was asking. “I opened the door to your flat and my brother-in-law was standing right there…starkers. He had nothing on. Sade are you still there? Why didn’t you tell me he was there when I text you to say I was going round to yours? Enh? And why was he walking around your flat naked? The last time we talked you said you haven’t seen him…” “Did you get the atarodo you wanted?” Sade interrupted. “What?” Peju squealed. “You expect me to still go into your kitchen and retrieve what I wanted after seeing Big Bro…