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ELSiEiSY Blog Announces the Winners of the 2020 Love Literati Contest

It’s been an amazing three weeks of content rating and reviews. Special thanks to all who have been a part of this year’s edition of the ELSiEiSY Blog Annual Writing Competition – Love Literati Contest. This yearly activity helps us uniquely celebrate love as we uphold our love for the art of writing through the expression of love. Love Literati Contest is designed to sustain and re-enforce the beauty of writing and literature in Nigeria. A call for submissions was published on 31st of January 2020 via ELSiEiSY Blog, through our media partners – Plus TV Africa and Moskedapages, and through our friends using various messaging and microblogging platforms. By the end of the submission period, we had received a total of 250 submissions. This took us to the next stage that involved the services of a voluntary team of persons who have worked closely with the brand – ELSiEiSY,…

Unfulfilled Promises#20 By Audrey Timms

“Sunshine. Sunshine. Are you awake?” Eric pressed tiny kisses around her face and she giggled.   He smiled and kissed her lips then and she became fully awake. “Sunshine, I want us to talk.”   Oleng looked at him then albeit sleepily then everything came crashing down. The real world struck her with a heavy blow. She sprang up on the bed.   “Jesus! What have I done? My God! What have I done?” she lamented and quickly got up from the bed to pick up her clothes. She dashed into the bathroom to hurriedly dress up. She tried to finger comb her weave which was in a disheveled state. She kept asking herself what she had done.   “Sunshine.” Eric called when she came out of the bathroom. He had had the decency to put on his jean.   “Don’t call me that, you bastard! I’m not your sunshine.…