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Omoge Campus #4

Omoge Campus 1 – 4 NKAY I carefully inched towards the back of the room we were in as the cultists ordered everyone to be quiet and kneel down in an orderly fashion. These cult boys were from LASU and their don was one of my boyfriends. Now, I hadn’t expected them to show up for the party because they weren’t invited. Of course they knew I worked at the club but I hadn’t informed my boyfriend that I had organized a party. To create hype for the party and make sure that every big boy and girl in UNILAG, UI, Babcock, Leadcity and Covenant attended, I let it be rumoured that I was dating the most sought after boy in Lagos. K Money was a popular Yahoo boy who also had connections with cultists and drug barons. From Lagos to Benin, girls threw themselves at his feet and guys…

Omoge Campus #3

Thanks so much for reading and thanks for the positive feedback. I noticed everyone complains that the episodes are short so here’s a special and lengthy episode. I hope you enjoy it Catch up on Omoge Campus CLUB FREEZE, LAGOS REBECCA I squint at the mass of sweaty bodies through the haze of cigarette and marijuana smoke, trying to locate my friend/course mate who had gone off to dance with some guy. No luck. I take another sip of my insanely expensive can of coke which has now gone warm. I don’t care if it goes hot, for the price I bought it, I am going to be sipping it all night. I subconsciously tug at the hem of my short dress which had ridden up as I sat. My mother would have a stroke if she saw me dressed like this; wig on, big earrings, loud makeup…

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