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Novocaine Knights #8

Previous Episodes EYIMOFE “I am so sorry, Nick.” Mofe left the comfort of her luxurious bed and took a chair in one corner of her hotel room as Dominic recounted details surrounding Lexus’ brain surgery. She listened attentively, noting the deep emotion in his husky tone. “But she’s not in a coma, is she?” Mofe asked. “No. In fact, I just spoke to one of the neurosurgeons right before I called you. She woke up about an hour ago and went back to sleep. She’s okay.” Mofe was relieved at the good news. “But you don’t sound so elated.” “I’m scared. I can’t…lose Woyintonbra. She’s all I got, Mofe. You’re a woman of faith. Please, pray for her. I’m at the point in my life where I’m not so sure God answers my prayers anymore.” “I’ve been praying for her and I won’t stop, Nick.” “Thank you.” She had never…