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Dear High Mistress #19

“Is it just me or that was pretty intense?” Salma, face buried in a pillow, laughed. “What’s funny?” She lifted her head and angled it in Raji’s direction. “You were trying hard not to cum.” “Considering the first session in the parlor didn’t last two minutes, I’d say I tried in this one nau.” “Give or take, five minutes. I’ll give you a poor three over ten.” “Three? All that banging and pounding for a measly three?” “Well, I didn’t cum.” Raji stared down at his penis. “You betrayed me, boy.” Salma laughed. “I and the little betrayer here need a short break and we’ll be back to the Raji you used to know.” “Don’t sweat it, player.” Salma lifted her body to a sitting position. “Shit happens.” “Shit doesn’t happen to me. You know that. I’ve just been off duty for a very long time.” “Story.” “I’m serious. There’s…