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Girls #8

Previously on Girls Lola would have ran out of the kitchen if she could. If her head didn’t feel like it had been split in half and if she could see through her eyes.     But instead, she half-crouched, half-walked out of the kitchen. Ignoring her husband’s pleas to wait.    In the bedroom, she finally let go, chest and shoulders heaving until she started to fear for her baby.     Clutching a pillow, she wept some more. If she had not angered Kenny and her auntie, she would have parked some of her things in bags and gone to her auntie’s. She couldn’t go to her parents’ house. They liked her husband. Her mother, especially. She was fond of calling him her favourite son. Thanking him for his patience with their daughter. John was a sweet, kind man when he first approached her. He waited for a long while,…