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Conquered #7

Read previous episodes of Conquered by Obynofranc They all alighted when a gateman opened the gate and their entered a big compound. Auntie Chinyere packed the car in the garage. She pressed the small plastic equipment laced on the ring of the key holder of the car, and the boot opened. There were three bags. They all carried one of the luggages and walked into the apartment. Nkechi admired the structure from outside. It was a beautiful storied building and the structure looked magnificent. The ground was tiled and the environment sensed serenity. She admired Abuja wind. The wind slithered into the pore of her skin and she gloated at every cool breeze and silent noises it made. It blowing heavily. They all walked in, and Auntie Chinyere led them to a room. She dropped the luggage and Juliet followed. Nkechi dropped hers and glanced at her Aunt. “This is…