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Where To Find Breasts #14

Read previous episodes of Where To Find Breasts Kyenpia’s first reaction when she found out she was trending on Twitter was laughter. “Wow. I’m sexist. Interesting times.” “Ignore.” She stared at Ishi who was seated on her dressing stool. He had that morning look. Ruffled pajama pants, a shaggy beard, Puffy eyes without his glasses, sleep-deprived face and dry lips that needed the wetness of her kisses. They hadn’t been intimate since she had the twins. The boys had been more than a handful to her, especially at night. Ishi was sleeping over a lot more, just to help her. She was on the verge of a breakdown. “I shouldn’t be bothered about this, but this sleazy ass KNN woman who is writing this shit about me doesn’t even know me. She claims she’s a reputable journalist, yet most of all she wrote are lies!” “You know she’s mentally disturbed,…

Dear High Mistress #11

I apologize for this coming today. Network issues ? Read the previous episode of Dear High Mistress   On the night that Folarin’s mother passed away, he was with her. None of the family members were present. He had asked them all to go home. Nobody sensed what was about to happen. The old woman seemed in good spirits. The doctors said she was leaving the next day. The brain hemorrhage that had caused her to pass out in her bathroom and landed her in the hosa month ago was now managed and she was good to go. Everyone expected her back home and in good health. They had all missed her; everyone except Folarin who stood staring at her while she slept. And as if she sensed it, she opened her eyes and asked why he was standing by the window. Normally he would sit beside her and watch…