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Hunter’s Game #10 By @Oge_writes

Read previous episodes of Hunter’s Game here “No, Yemi, I need you back here immediately. You can’t trust her. She’s dangerous.” Leela could sense the urgency in her boss’ tone but it didn’t make a difference to her. Her mind was made up. “I’m sorry. I can’t. I can’t abandon Uzo. And I can’t let these people get away with what they did to Gbemiga.” Her boss sighed and his tone softened “I know you miss him. We do too. He was important to all of us. But Yemi, you can’t let your emotions dictate to you right now.” Leela shook her head. “This isn’t about my emotions boss. I’ve got an assignment, I see it through to the end.” She heard him breathe over the line for a few seconds. She would hang up but she did not want to be rude. “Boss, I need to go now. We’ve…

Hunter’s Game #4 By @Oge_writes

Read Previous Episodes Of Hunter’s Game Nathan walked into Uzo’s office for the third time that day but still the office was empty. It was way past noon and he was beginning to worry. Uzo never missed work. It was unlike him. And then for his phone to be switched off at this time of the day? That was completely odd. Something was wrong and Nathan was very, very uncomfortable. As he walked back to his own office, Nathan observed two young men walk into the CEO’s office. Not long after that, the intercom on his desk buzzed. It was the boss’ secretary and his presence was required in the office. Nathan sighed. He guessed the CEO had noticed Uzo’s absence and wanted to quiz him about it. When Nathan walked into the office, he noticed the two men from earlier on, comfortably seated across the room. Mr. Taiwo, the…

Hunter’s Game #1 By @Oge_writes

Leela stirred in her sleep but didn’t open her eyes. She looked so pretty and peaceful, Uzo was afraid to touch her. He simply lay beside her and stared. A few minutes later, as though she could feel her eyes on him, Leela stirred again and this time she opened her eyes. The room was not very bright as the sun was yet to find its way up but the signs of dawn had already made an entrance. Leela smiled and stretched a lazy finger to draw a line across Uzo’s face. “Morning you.” Uzo took her finger and kissed it with an easy smile. “Morning babe. Sleep good?” Leela nodded and Uzo leaned in and kissed her forehead. When he drew back, Leela sat up. “So why were you staring at me like that?” Uzo laughed nervously. “Nothing really. I just realize more and more everyday just how beautiful…

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