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Reminder: Okadabooks Meet Up

Hi guys, Lazy afternoon for me. Hope y’all doing okay? This is a subtle reminder of the Okadabooks Author Meet Up. Please do come, it will make happy. I have hugs and kisses for everyone. Plus I want to take pics with you guys. If you’re shy, put a paperbag over your head. I won’t ask you to take it off. I promise. Check poster below for details. P.S: For those of you following Immortals’ Code, I apologize for the absence. I have still not gotten back all my files from my old laptop. Sadly, I lost some. But good thing is that I have the originals of the Immortals’ Code. The only problem is rewriting. *weeps* Give me time, biko Now, I want to correct a rumor about Jide of It’s Another Saturday making an appearance in Fourth Finger. Sorry to burst that excitement bubble; he isn’t. But even better,…

Come Hang Out At The Okadabooks Meet Up

Hi guys, So this is what I was talking about… If you’re in Lagos and you want to meet with me in person, please turn up on the 20th. I’m a really reserved person; Okadabooks had to tug me out to do this but I’m glad to do it. I’d be happy if you showed up as well. Also, if you’re an aspiring blogger and you need tips on blogging, please come. A good number of you contact me and ask me questions and I hardly have the time to reply, so this would be a good time to meet up and talk. And none of you Mainlanders should give me that ‘why didn’t you bring it to the mainland?’ thing. Are we not all in the same Lagos? It’s just a ‘short’ ride away if you cannot trek How do they say this in Nigeria? God bless you as…