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‘From Home To Rendezvous’ is now ‘An Escape To Rendezvous

Thanks to everyone who read my first novelette, From Home to Rendezvous, on this blog.  Your comments and feedback gave me so much joy.  Let me take you back a little to the story behind the story. What if the person who saves you is also ruining your life? This idea was the little seed that came to my mind when I began to scribble on many A4 papers around December last year. My character emerged as a teenager, and she is girl. I thought I would mess it up as a male writer, but somehow, the story took a direction of its own. The main character surprised me, and it became an interesting story. I shared it with the readers of Moskedapages a couple of months ago, and the comments and feedback were kind. I still go back to feed my heart with some of them when I’m working…

Stranger In Lagos Is Now On Okadabooks!

Happy new month, everyone! I decided to start the end of the year with great news. I’ve had a good number of people asking me when Stranger In Lagos is going up on Okadabooks. Well, it’s finally in the bookstore. You can get it by clicking >>>>> HERE If you still want the physical copy, send me a DM on Twitter and Instagram or a message on Facebook. I have three copies left. Have a wonderful month ahead, and Merry Christmas!

Massive Flash Sale On Moskedapages!

Yup! You heard that right! Get three books for the price of one! Because it’s the second half of the year and because I am feeling generous, I would be giving away three of my books at really affordable prices. Get Novocaine Knights, No Heart Feelings and To Tame A Virgin all at the price of N1,500. Each of them have been slashed to N500. Get them all by clicking >>> HERE  For those who want PDF copies, email me moskedapages@gmail.com. Please note that you can’t buy just one. You have to get all three if you want the PDF versions. And of course, the Okadabooks flash sale for In The Name of Papa is still on at N1,500 N700. Offer lasts only seven days. Tell your friends and share this good news. Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you.

In The Name Of Papa – Out Now On Amazon and Smashwords

I’m sorry that this is coming late. I had planned to put In The Name Of Papa on Amazon as promised but I already had it on Smashwords on their premium catalog, which meant they were supposed to distribute it to Amazon. Hence, I didn’t want to have issues with the book being uploaded twice. I was waiting for them to send a link to the copy on Amazon but they never did. I consulted someone on Thursday after the long wait and the person told me not to bother and upload myself instead. So, i did and we are now live on Amazon! Please, click here to purchase your copy >>>> In The Name Of Papa (AMAZON) To get it on Smashwords >>>> In The Name Of Papa (SMASHWORDS) You can still get it on Okadabooks >>>> In The Name Of Papa (OKADABOOKS) Or you can just email…