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Omoge Campus #1

Omoge Campus is brought to you by Fatimah. She’s a friend and a lovey writer. Show some love 🙂 My father sent me to UNILAG as punishment. I’m Temilade Ade-Doherty, the first child of multimillionaire, Adetokunbo Ade-Doherty. My offence, I was proving to be a rebellious child and sending me to America would give me freedom to go out of hand. Also, daddy dearest feared that I would be laying a bad example for my younger ones. So, while my friends with whom I attended one of the most elite secondary schools in Nigeria moved to America and the UK for their university education, I went to UNILAG. The hostels were an eyesore and I could not live there even if someone held a gun to my head. One lecturer that my dad knew gave me his BQ to use, rent free. His colleagues charge very high rates for…