Once Upon A First Love

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Ready To Be X-Rayed? Read Once Upon A First Love

Once Upon A first love wasn’t a book Tope Omotosho planned to write. This novel tells the touching story of two teen loves who run into obstacles determined to tear them apart. When Peju finally reunites with her longtime teen love, Abdul Layeni, it’s a dream come true. He’s the kind of man she wants to be with. In fact, he’s the only man she’s ever known. Their love stronger than ever, she’s determined that nothing will keep them apart again. But it seems fate has other plans for them. In a struggle for love, will she come to realise who her first love really is? Below is a short excerpt from the titillating book. Peju Adams rang the doorbell and let out a slow, calming breath. No answer. She raised her hand to the bell again, right when he opened the door. Her heart leaped at the sight of…