One chance

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Adventures of Kola Onifoto – The Popular One Chance Story

Introducing…Adventures of Kola Onifoto Sometimes when some stories go viral, you feel maybe they are just myth and they won’t happen again. One chance is a popular slang at almost every motor park in Nigeria. I mean the slang started from there and it entered the streets and when you hear anyone talk about “one chance”, all you think of is either kidnapping or robbery. The stories of one chance I heard are of taxis and it happened to me some few years back. This is what they do.. You might get to be the last person to complete the persons traveling and as you drive a little distance, this event will happen.. 1. The driver will go to his boot, open it and shout, he will claim he just saw a full bag of money in the boot. He will come back in the car and start threatening…