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Stranger In Lagos #13

HALIM Christmas Eve. The street decorations, especially the ones on Ajose Adeogun, arrest my attention. I peer outside from the backseat of a cab, taking in the sights like a little girl. Yemi gazes at me. He is tickled that I’m carried away by mere Christmas lights. He teases me about it when we get home a while later and I’m undressing in my bedroom. He also teases me about my addiction for baby food. In retaliation, I playfully call him out on his clumsy habit of not being able to pour anything without spilling it. But he has more jabs for me, and seeing that I’m going to lose, I push him to the bed and tickle him. I found out just a few days ago that he is ticklish. Straddling him, I torture him with my fingers, marveling at how he responds like a little child, laughing in…