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Get The Fourth Finger E-Book Using Your Credit Card And PayPal From Smashwords

First of all, I apologize to all my readers outside Nigeria who have not been able to get their own copies of The Fourth Finger E-Book. I have been trying hard to see that happen. I took to because it is a large community of authors and it gives my book the opportunity to be published in different formats. Asides that, I can still have the option to let Smashwords send the book to B&N, Kobo, Scribd etc. But anyways, here I am. The process to get your book there is gruelling. Those people don’t play. They want everything done perfectly. So, if you’ve been waiting (yes, Shubi, you), you can now go ahead and get your copy of The Fourth Finger on Smashwords by clicking HERE If you’re in Nigeria and you want to get the book, visit Okadabooks store HERE If you can’t download it from Smashwords or Okadabooks,…