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LET ME BE A BOOK! by Uche Emmanuel Okolo

I have learnt that the nature of dreams, dreamt today is to be disappointing when it becomes a reality tomorrow.  I dreamed of becoming a pen, a pen flowing with indelible juice of blue or indigo. A pen marking sheets of flat whitened pulp with calligraphed scribbles. A pen the vehicle to convey deep, wild, free, unabashed and unabated lore and fact through the streets of paper and furthermore into the jungle of mind. A pen, maybe ball point or quill. A pen that soothes itching, spontaneous and radical fingers. A pen beautiful, catching the eyes of many admirers but the disappointment of being the pen is that someday, one day, that indelible ink will cease its flow.  I dreamed i could be a writer, the eccentric and intelligent creator of fantastic knowledge. A maverick, willfully churning emotions and upsetting notions. A writer, a magician of sorts conjuring fictions and…