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Test-The-Terone: Can Men Really Do Without Sex

Conversation between two mobile users. One female and the other, male. BABE: R u gay? GUY: WAT???????!!!! BABE: Well I… GUY: Well, wat? BABE: D last tym I was at ur place, u rebuffed all my advances n its not d 1st time. GUY: Oh dat… BABE: Seriously r u gay? No guy has done dat 2me… GUY: Oh, beliv me ur sexy! But its not u, it’s me. I’m….celibate. BABE: Huh????????????????????????? According to Harris Interactive for the Durex condom company in 2012, 53% of Nigerians have sex at least once a week. It means that more than half of the people you see walking on the street are going to have or have had sex this week at least once. The statistics continue, stating that men claim to have sex 66.5 times a year over women’s 57.2 times, that means men have sex 16% more times than women. Another study based on secondary data analysis by the 2003 Nigeria…