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Dear High Mistress #15

Sorry for the break in transmission. Busy weekend, plus no light and down with a cold. Finally bought fuel and now we can continue. Merry Christmas, fam. I know it doesn’t feel like Christmas for many of us, but hey, we’re still here. So enjoy the holiday as best as you can. This is dedicated to Uche Okolo. Happy birthday. Update on Stranger In Lagos… Don’t blame me, blame Okadabooks. We all await the launch of their new website. “I’ve told you to stop coming here, and stop bringing food to me as well. I’m fine, Salma.” Salma bit her lip. It was hard not to break down at the sight of Maliq. Standing behind the enquiries counter at the police station where he was held, he was all bruised and messed up from the famous brutality of the police. He could barely look at her as both eyes were…