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The Marriage Ultimatum #15

Read previous episodes of The Marriage Ultimatum ♥ Dominic stared with a dissatisfied expression at the advert images. But it wasn’t the diverse models showcasing the different beautiful sceneries of La Quinta that brought on the dark scowl. He wasn’t even seeing them—not anymore. His thoughts lingered on Kaine and her leaving even when he’d wanted her to stay. She had looked beautiful—gorgeous. The red spandex dress had framed her slim physique like a second skin, flattering her subtle curves. He had chosen the dress, he remembered now, against all of her usual protestations. But then he had had to choose all of clothing as they shopped that day since she’d been torn between her sulky-tantrum and her apparent bewildered state. He’d chosen the dress but he hadn’t known it would make her that delectable. Gosh, she’d looked stunning—alluringly so. Her makeup had even been a touch different. Maybe…

The Marriage Ultimatum #13

♥ “The boss’ wife sure looks beautiful.” Kanayo said as he twirled his glass of wine. The words added insult to the wrath she’d been feeling since Dominic so carelessly treated her, but Camilla curbed her temper as she curled her lips in dismissive disdain. “If you like the straight-line no-curve type.” Kanayo let out a chuckle. “She doesn’t have your curves, true. But she was certainly no straight-line type. And she was definitely no push-over.” Camilla didn’t respond immediately. Her eyes only narrowed as she thought of that woman. She’d been myopic in dismissing her after seeing her that very first time. It had been a judgment she’d realised was hasty when they’d met yesterday at the bar and she’d shown herself to be no soft-touch. She hadn’t considered her threat enough to be considered a rival, but after the way she’d confidently held herself and even dared…