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It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #12

Read Previous Episodes Of It’s Another Novocaine Saturday Wura is swamped at work. Genesis, having explained that she won’t be at the office for whole week, has dumped all her duties on her. By 11am Wura is already feeling the heat of having so much to do and yet so little time. She is irritable and everyone knows better than to get on her nerves; everyone except Didi who waltzes in, chatting away on her phone. “Where are you coming from?” Wura asks. She has just stepped out of her office for a break to put her thoughts together. Didi’s appearance disrupts the moment of bliss. She stops at her cubicle and stares at Wura with a clueless expression. “In my office,” Wura says, standing up from where she is sitting. Didi follows her back into her office. “So, where were you coming from?” Wura goes around her table. “I…