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“Popularity is not influence!” Olumide Lawrence Launches His E-book, B.A.S.E.

PR Executive and Social Media Strategist, Olumide Lawrence declares that there is a clear difference popularity and having influence on social media as he releases his first book titled – Building A Social Empire (B.A.S.E), in Lagos, Nigeria. In his speech, he said: “Some people have popularity but have no influence. When you build influence, you will naturally become popular. It does not take so much to get popular on social media. Moreover, when you build influence, it lasts longer than popularity. With influence, popularity is a bonus”. The book is targeted at helping intending social media influencers understand the process of using their social platform to build influence,  and harness influence into valuable networks that bring profit. “Existing influencers are also going to learn how to go beyond the engagement on social media, and build lasting personal brands that will attract good business and expose them to bigger networks”…