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The day Dad left, I was in school. There was a quiz competition and I was representing my school. I was in Primary 5. Buses belonging to the competing schools were parked in the school car park, emblazoned with names like Apex Comprehensive School, Fountain of Knowledge Comprehensive Nursery and Primary School, Excellence Nursery and Primary School… names like that. At the final stage, it was me and one other child. I can no longer remember if it was a girl or boy. I just know that the child had on huge glasses and looked like a genius. We had gone ten rounds, and facts and trivia I had learned for the quiz was almost exhausted. I was almost shivering in trepidation. Not this child though. This child still had a confident, almost smug grin on its face. Until the child got a question wrong. The grin was replaced with…


Sally, here!I’m introducing Precious Oluwatobi Emmanuel, who would be contributing occasionally here. Here’s his first short piece. Please, leave some feedback in the comment section. Thank you! The four girls at the back of the taxi are in a swell mood. They laugh and joke, and talk about the Valentine’s party they are just returning from. The taxi driver is silent, his mouth set in a tight line. His eyes occasionally flit disapprovingly to the girls in the rear view mirror. He will gossip to his wife when he returns home of four young girls he picked up who had on too much make-up and were returning from a party looking wasted and talking about boys, and he and his wife will shake their heads and cluck and tsk-tsk self-righteously at ‘shidren of nowadays’, mouths curled downwards judgementally. The taxi’s speed reduces from its brisk cruise to a slow glide.…