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Roses And Thorns #11

“You had no right, Haliru. You had no right” Tehilah said in the coolest voice she could muster. Her anger was boiling up to the brim, but she was trying her hardest to rein it in.  Even in her anger, she could see Haliru’s good intentions, but it didn’t change the fact that he had made things more complicated. If the child was born and looked like Wale, she was going to be in trouble and even her career could be destroyed. It would be the biggest scam since the Buhari government, and she didn’t ask for it. “I just want to help. I have been trying to tell you how much I love you” Haliru turned her to face him. They were in his office, where Tehilah had marched to, with the anger oozing out of her pores. He was surprised that she was speaking so calmly, even though…