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Where To Find Breasts #13

Read previous episodes of Where To Find Breasts Another morning. Another twist in the road. Leonel woke up with a sharp pain on the side of his head and the leg of a strange woman on his thighs. He lifted his arm, which was resting on the nude body of the woman to have a better view of her. She was fast asleep, nestled beside him. Her body was curved like Kyenpia’s, the skin tone was almost like hers. He felt instant revulsion. He pushed her leg away and sat up. His head swooned for a moment and he stayed still to steady himself. There was no single recollection of what had happened the night before, although he had scenes flashing in his head. It wasn’t new to go through this every morning. Same bullshit he had been putting up with for three months. It was exhausting. He got off…