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Deji stared at his phone, respect and hints of envy shining in his eyes. He was staring at a Facebook post made by one of his university coursemates. “125 reactions in 30 minutes,” he muttered. When he and the coursemate were in the university they both planned to write – novels, poems, short stories, everything else. Deji was a mentor of sorts to the coursemate, who was two years younger. Four years after graduation, Deji was unemployed. He had written poems, stories and so on, and everything he wrote, he shared online and sent out to literary magazines. They always rejected his applications, the replies to his mails always including “We regret to inform you…”. Online, he would post a story he thought was amazing, and he would get two likes, three. Meanwhile, that his coursemate who had looked at him with childish awe in the university and gushed over any…