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Unfulfilled Promises By Audrey Timms #1

“Your sweetheart is coming.” Edward Chianumba announced to his friend, Eric Conrad. Eric looked up from his markings on the sand and smiled. Indeed, his sweetheart was coming. His sunshine, his best friend. He didn’t quite know when or how but he knew he had fallen irresistibly in love with her. He threw the stick away, sat back on the wooden bench and watched his approaching childhood sweetheart. The sun beating down hard on the earth didn’t even make him squint his eyes. It was as if he was in a trance. Memories flooded his brain. He continued watching her intently as she approached them along with her friend, Ezinne Uzoma. She looked good as usual in their unique uniform of Burberry pencil skirt, white shirt and black tie. It was completed with white socks and black sandals. He felt his heart beat faster than normal as…