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The Fourth Finger #19

Toni carried that look on her face that women are often said to have after a wonderful night with men they love. She just couldn’t stop smiling, although she had kept a composed demeanor when Andre took her home the next morning and plastered kisses on her face and neck. “I’m going to miss you, Arinola.” He kept his constantly-focused eyes on her. She wanted to tell him she would miss him too; instead she leaned over and kissed his chin. It was her favorite place on his body to kiss apart from his lips. She loved the way his stubble felt on her face “I’m beginning to understand your subliminal language, young woman.” He laughed. “In other words, you’ll miss me too. It’s aiight. My regards to your mom and bon voyage.” When he was gone and she was alone, Toni fell into a sea of mushiness, listening…