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The Immortals’ Code #14

Read Previous Episodes Of The Immortals’ Code ELYON VILLA Leonel stood before the entrance door of Igwe’s plain-looking quarters and allowed a soldier frisk him before he was let in through a glass door into a small anteroom. His uncle, Maxwell, who was Igwe’s bodyguard and personal aide, raised a hand to stop him as he neared a door leading to Igwe’s sitting room. “His Excellency is still asleep, Leo; he cannot be disturbed.” “Come on, Uncle Max. I need to see him. It’s seven in the morning.” “Why don’t you come back by ten?” “Work. I’ll be busy then.” “Well, he’s not up yet.” The door connecting to the anteroom opened from Igwe’s sitting room opened and Igwe stuck out his head. “It’s okay, Max.”He looked at Leonel. “Come in, son.” Leonel followed him in and shut the door behind them. Unlike the other ostentatious rooms in the villa,…