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The Marriage Ultimatum #5

Read previous episodes of The Marriage Ultimatum ♥ Kaine felt like she was a helpless spectator watching a poorly written screenplay. They were at the Registry and waiting for their turn to take their vows. It seemed so surreal that she should be at a Registry waiting to exchange marriage vows with a man she’d met just two days ago. She’d spent the entire night asking herself—and God—if she really knew what she was doing. There had been no answer, none that was satisfying.  None that made her feel more at peace with what she was about to do. She’d begged God for a miracle that Dominic would call her and say he’d had a rethink and there was no need for them to marry. She’d prayed that, by some divinely prompted miracle, Anwuli would return and stop her from entering into this covenant that already felt like a…

The Marriage Ultimatum #1

I happily present to you a new one from TM David West. We know her. Show some love in the comment box 🙂 As the last of the distant relatives and not-quite-close-friends mourners drifted out of the house and through the gates, Kaine breathed more easily. She didn’t really feel relief—or comfort. She was too aggrieved, too sad and too empty to feel relief. She was just exhausted and wanted, needed to be alone again. It had been one horrible week. One week that had changed her life forever. One minute she’d been a simple, not overly ambitious young lady of just twenty—well, not even twenty as her birthday was next month. But she’d been content and full of dreams and had had a father. She’d had her father. And now, he was gone. Gone in an accident that had been sudden and fatal. An inebriated truck driver, who’d also…

It’s Another Saturday…#7

Because this is Another Saturday, I’m posting this. I don’t want it to come tomorrow. Please comment and share, and help me wish my baby Kayla a happy birthday. It’s her birthday tomorrow, the 5th. I want to save your messages for her. Have a blissful night and wonderful weekend ahead! The One He Kissed When Honey told me she could handle my friends, I had laughed in my head because I underestimated her. But now, sitting here and watching her, I can see that she is doing just what she said she would – effortlessly. Using that powerful mechanism called attraction. The men literally are cross-eyed as she engages them in conversation. Watching her touch on every topic of discussion without acting all-conversant, and at the same time, showing she is knowledgeable enough, leaves me in awe. It is a skill she has mastered fine, the way she makes…

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