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After Dark: These Chicks Ain’t Loyal

So the gist going round is that some guy drove for 17 hours to see a babe who gave him just a hug and a slice of cake. Then they watched a movie and then she asked him to leave and the guy left her house and rented a hotel and didn’t as much as tap that booty. Pause… Before I go on, I’d like to apologize for deviating from my intended topic today which has a lot to do with sex. Pardon me. Sometimes there are things juicier than sex. Where was I? so this guy that got nothing from this babe apparently got into a zone worse than the friendzone. I think he was carzoned because well, he’ll have to drive 17 hours back. That is 34 hours for a hug and a cake. It’s alright. Ladies, diarris God o. But the guy sef. How can you drive…