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Family Secrets #1 By Kycee Q

Just as I promised you, here is Family Secrets by Kycee Q. Read, share and drop a comment. PROLOGUE Miss Nigeria Competition, Lagos 1980 The crowd went wild with applause and Onajite couldn’t believe her ears. She stared on in disbelief even though the smile still remained stuck on her lips. It had been the first thing she had learnt during training, she recalled. Pageant 101 “No matter what happens” Chima had called out in a hall of twenty-three models “never stop smiling, not for a minute, not even a second. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; even though you feel like farting” he had laughed “…Keep smiling” And so she did, not that she felt like farting but her feet had suddenly gone weak and her breath had cut. She had won? Onajite wondered, bewildered with joy. She couldn’t believe it even though she could see the…