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Go Getter (Go-Get-Her) #10

*     *     * You think I’d leave your side baby   You know me better than that   You think i’d leave you down when   You down on your knees   I wouldn’t do that   I’ll do you your right   When you’re wrong   Ah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh   If only you could see into me   Oh when you’re cold   I’ll be there to hold you tight   It went on and on, each line a poisonous arrow, killing her slowly. She hated how she wept but she couldn’t bring herself to press stop on the CD player, she loved the way it tormented her. She needed to weep for her loss, for her faults, for everything. The walls of her life which used to hold strong in hope were broken and tumbling down in a messy mass like Humpty…

Secrets #7

“I’m so sorry, Sade.” Eyes narrowed, she shook her head, confused. “What exactly is going on, Niyi? Niyi blew out a breath with his mouth, ran his hands over his face and turned to Kunle, who was staring at Bunmi with a look of shock on his face. “Kunle.” Slowly, he turned his head to look at Niyi and his eyes narrowed. “Yes, what exactly is going on, sir?” “I am your father, Kunle. Your mother and I…” “You brought your mistress to live in my house?” He turned back to an open-mouthed Sade and shook his head quickly. “It wasn’t that way, at all. Agnes has never been my mistress. I had a brief relationship with her and that ended almost two years before you came into my life.” Still looking at his wife, he waved a hand in Kunle’s direction. “Kunle was born, as a result of that…

Secrets #1

Hi Everyone! I’m introducing a new writer today. I am her mad fan. Been following her secretly until i worked up the courage to contact her. And graciously, she is putting up a full series for us here. I have read it and I won’t tell you how it ends but I will tell you that you’re going to love it. So, enjoy! And please, she’d like to know what you feel about this. SECRETS ONE “Why mummy?” Jake whined. “I’m a big boy now.” “Jake, mummy said that someone could steal us, if we don’t wait for her,” Joanna said, pulling her twin back. When they started to squabble, Bunmi bit back a smile as she walked pass her children and got through the revolving door first. “Leave me alone!” “No, Jake. We have to hold hands now. Mummy said so.” “But, you’re holding me too tight, Jo!”…

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