Sex and the Nigerian Woman

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IANS Valentine Special

Happy Valentine’s Day…in advance! I’m sure you’ve been wondering where all the writers on this blog have gone to. Hmmm… Tomi and I have been busy on personal projects and haven’t had time with The Darker Berry. Olajumoke is busy as well. She sends her regrets. Fatimah will be back next week. Ibukunwrites has issues with her laptop. Once it’s fixed, she will return. Seye will be back soon too. Hard times have hit all of us. We can no longer sit comfortably and write as we used to and money will come. We have to take on extra jobs to get the income flowing. Hence, it’s not as easy and fun as it used to be. Please, bear with us. But in the spirit of the love season, I am giving you guys a double dose of It’s Another Saturday on Monday and Tuesday. Don’t miss it! One of…