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From Home To Rendezvous #6

Martha’s wish about the relationship diddled on like a snail. Officer Uchenna was contented to take her out usually to a bar where he asked of sumptuous drinks or to a posh restaurant and never to a clubhouse and there, they would talk about everything – her favourite colour, his love for Fela’s song, his childhood, her love for dancing, some experiences in university to which Martha would bite her lips and wish he could move fast to another topic. Sometimes they drove to the cinema, watch movies and arrange for the next date before she was brought home. They would plan the next meeting and what she would like as a gift and he would bring the gift when she least expected. ‘Can you marry someone that is younger than your sister?’ she had asked out of the blue one night, surprising herself with the way the words rolled…

From Home To Rendezvous #1

Sally here! Introducing Hadeh to you. Please read and drop a comment. I understand that you may be discouraged to encourage featured writers here because they don’t seem to complete their stories. I totally understand. But this series is complete. So, please give feedback. Thank you! …She is away from home. She wants to become a woman of importance. But she has to be a stripper for the meantime. Martha refused to return to Abeokuta despite the eyes staring at her like a tamed cat. She placed the glass cup on the table and waved her hand at her step-brother, Ayo, who happened to be her boyfriend and soul-mate. But he insisted she returns home. They were in a restaurant. The sound of music mixed with side giggles and the noise from those watching the big TV and those drinking. The light was dull, creating an ambience. Ayo was her…