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Say You Will Stay #3

Read previous episodes of Say You Will Stay here *** He was quick. Too quick for her. She was thinking of getting off the rug when he lowered himself next to her and kissed her. Or something that could be described as such. His reeking mouth closing over half of her face and slobbering all over it. He was touching her, trying to climb on top of her when she slapped him. “What is wrong with you? Get off me.” “Issy, you can slap me.” He slurred, grabbed the hand she slapped him with and sniggered.  “You can bite me. That will only make me wanna fuck you … more.” His eyes were bloodshot and he smelt of the strong Harp drink her aunt’s husband reeked of whenever he came home all those years ago. When she tried to push him off her, she found him surprisingly heavy. He moaned…

Stranger in Lagos #11

YEMI “Halim, I think it’s time you found somewhere else to stay.” That was how I broke the news to her. Seated in the dark, with the brightness from the flashlight illuminating our faces, she had looked at me curiously when I let out those words. Her plain expression banished and its place, a look of confusion came on. “I don’t understand,” she muttered. “Is it because I talk too much?” “No.” “Or because I don’t wash the dishes immediately? It’s a bad habit and I promise to stop. Or…is it because I walk around in just bra and panties? Talk to me, Yemi. What have I done wrong? I thought we agreed that I’d stay. What happened?” I rise up from the table and do a short walk, back and forth. “Yemi?” “Halim,” I stop,” I like you. You asked me the other time if I had feelings for…