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In The Name Of Papa – Out Now On Amazon and Smashwords

I’m sorry that this is coming late. I had planned to put In The Name Of Papa on Amazon as promised but I already had it on Smashwords on their premium catalog, which meant they were supposed to distribute it to Amazon. Hence, I didn’t want to have issues with the book being uploaded twice. I was waiting for them to send a link to the copy on Amazon but they never did. I consulted someone on Thursday after the long wait and the person told me not to bother and upload myself instead. So, i did and we are now live on Amazon! Please, click here to purchase your copy >>>> In The Name Of Papa (AMAZON) To get it on Smashwords >>>> In The Name Of Papa (SMASHWORDS) You can still get it on Okadabooks >>>> In The Name Of Papa (OKADABOOKS) Or you can just email…

The Easy Way To Buy My Books On Okadabooks

This post is in response to peeps who expressed difficulty in buying my books on the Okadabooks app. I am here to give you a step by step guide on how to go about it. Download the Okadabooks app on your Android device, your Blackberry phone (it can’t be anything lower than Blackberry 10) and on your PC. Register and sign in. You can sign in through your Facebook account.  Click on Store and you will find the Refill option Add the amount you need and click on refill account. It will take you here: Once you have refilled, go to the STORE and scroll to find Moskeda Pages and you’ll see my books. Click on the one you want to buy. Click buy, purchase it and it’s done! Lastly, visit ‘My Books’ or ‘Read’ (on PC) and you’ll see the purchased book. On your Android app, you will have to click on…

Get The Fourth Finger E-Book Using Your Credit Card And PayPal From Smashwords

First of all, I apologize to all my readers outside Nigeria who have not been able to get their own copies of The Fourth Finger E-Book. I have been trying hard to see that happen. I took to because it is a large community of authors and it gives my book the opportunity to be published in different formats. Asides that, I can still have the option to let Smashwords send the book to B&N, Kobo, Scribd etc. But anyways, here I am. The process to get your book there is gruelling. Those people don’t play. They want everything done perfectly. So, if you’ve been waiting (yes, Shubi, you), you can now go ahead and get your copy of The Fourth Finger on Smashwords by clicking HERE If you’re in Nigeria and you want to get the book, visit Okadabooks store HERE If you can’t download it from Smashwords or Okadabooks,…

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