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The Immortals’ Code #5

Read previous episodes of The Immortals’ Code THE NIGHT TINA DIED Desire and Ramsey were standing on top of a thick, green lawn that stretched over a large mass of land. To their left was a swimming pool filled with dirty water and covered with brown leaves from a large tree that stood in a corner not far away. To the right, the lawn continued and came to stop before a small, winding picket fence protecting a botanical garden. Alongside the fence were small Asian lampposts that lined a thin, straight macadam path coming from a three-storey house towering the entire area. Ramsey was holding a handgun and he pointed aimlessly at things around him as his other hand pulled at the crotch of his jean. “I feel like shooting something,” he said restlessly and aimed the huge tree by the swimming pool. “Please don’t,” Desire scarcely replied when…

In Loving Memory of Daniel Emmanuel Nyako

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This is a heartbreaking story of a Nigerian soldier who lost his life fighting for this country. Lance Corporal Daniel Emmanuel Nyako was part of the special forces at the forefront of the Boko Haram menace in Borno State. I got to know about him from Debbie. She is a fan of this blog and a friend. She uses the alias Double Dee and you might have come across her comments in some posts. Daniel Emmanuel Nyako was her elder brother and she is shattered by his painful departure. Many soldiers have gone and no one really commemorates them or remembers them. They fight to make sure we live and they die while giving us our peace. There’s a lot of politics involved and sadly, these men and women are often times caught up in the fire by giving up their lives for us. I have…