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Love, Your Enemy #6

Click to read previous episodes of Love, Your Enemy For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. -Luke 8 Pizza and peppered gizzard had not turned as Alice expected. She had hoped that during dinner she and Wemimo would speak to Tara about her present relationship choices, and offer some good counsel. However, her efforts were met with anger from Tara and a tirade that left her and Wemimo stunned. “I’ve made my decision and it’s final! I’m done with Moore!” Alice shivered as the front door slammed at Tara’s exit. “Na wa o,” Wemimo muttered. She was picking out two pieces of gizzard from a bowl on the center table. Resting in front of her was a pizza pack. “Did Tara just shout on us?” “Ta-ta is now a big girl o.…

Love, Your Enemy #5

Read the first four episodes of Love, Your Enemy Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the land. -Proverbs 31 She was aware of his presence in the kitchen but pretended not to notice. His imposing frame threw a shadow at the entrance, taking away some of the sunlight coming in from the door. She set her concentration on the meal she was packaging. A food basket lay on the table before her. She placed the packaged meal in it and angled her head in his direction. He was just returning from his morning run. Sweat-soaked, he struck a pose that made her think immodest thoughts. “You should shower before the sweat dries on your body,” she said to him. “You want to shower with me?” “Jeremiah…” she chided with a playful smile. He walked towards her. “We’re feeding the poor…

It’s Another Saturday…#28

Read Previous Episodes Of It’s Another Saturday I’m So Not Sorry I don’t let them drive with me. They are tailing my car and I’m wishing to God that I can just lead them off a cliff or lure them to some place where someone will have them abducted or something worse. I do not want them near the Onuoras. I honk my horn at the huge gate before me as I bring the car to a stop. A smaller, pedestrian gate opens and a uniformed guard walks out to meet me. I let down my window. “Aunty, good evening,” he greets. “Good evening, Solo. How you dey?” “Fine, ma. Erm…una no fit enter. No space to park inside.” “Oh. Okay.” “Maybe you fit give me your key make I park the car for you.” “That would be great.” I turn off the engine and step down. I walk to…

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