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Stranger In Lagos #7

EBEN There’s a meeting going on. Accumulated exhaustion saturates the conference room. Fridays are not good days for this sort of solemnity, yet I have stubbornly called for a meeting. Everyone is hating me right now. I’m hating myself too, but the feeling comes and goes. Halim takes center stage in my head. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything extra. I’m staring in listlessness, waiting for some miracle, waiting for Halim to call me. When my phone rings, I startle up but fall back to my chair when I see Eniola’s name on my screen. The phone rings on. It’s loud. Everyone is staring. I don’t care. Halim… I saw her at Berger yesterday, but I didn’t know it was her until I had driven a far distance. My mind had been on other matters as my car whizzed past a bus stop on which yellow buses hung about…